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Can I get a bridging loan to help with a deposit even if it is my first time on property market?

My partner and I love our flat which we currently rent. Our landlord has offered to sell it to us as he is moving to New Zeland. The property is worth 拢110,000 and we can get a mortgage for 拢144,000 and have 拢2500 saved but we need a deposit of 拢10,000. We are desperate to buy the flat!

Any advise would be much appreciated!

Thanks.|||Subject to your credit status, you should be able to get a 'high-street' loan for the 拢10k.

Having a 拢10k loan will affect the amount of mortgage you can borrow, but if you currently qualify for 拢144k, you should still be able to borrow 拢100k.

Don't forget you will need money for a full survey, mortgage arrangement fees and legal costs - expect that lot to be another 拢2k.|||You are not in a position to buy it. If you do not have the down payment in cash, you cannot borrow it. no bank will allow this.

Best bank for Time deposit?


Which is the best bank for time deposit?

Is it the right time to invest my savings in time deposit even though there is economic crisis?

Thanks in advance


|||ALL USA banks are FDIC insured upt to $250,000 until Dec 2009. The the law reverts back to $100,000 FDIC insurance unless the law is changed again.

||| has current CD rates.

What time do IRS direct deposit refunds hit bank account (thru turbotax/metabank)?

Mine was in my account when I woke up this morning, today 2/12 is the date it was set to arrive so its on time. Good luck to everyone.|||From the many other answers/responses out there for other similar questions, I'm going to have to say anytime starting Thursday night through Friday evening. Mine is due to be direct deposited on 2/12/10 (which it is now 2:15am on 2/12) and I still have nothing pending in my account. I've read that they come in batches because of the numerous people and banks to match. Hopefully it will post sometime before 10am so I can get some bills paid and shopping in before getting my kids off the bus in the afternoon.|||I use Cascade Bank in WA and haven't seen it deposited yet. We've been checking it every hour or so since midnight. Most people have said they had received it by 10am though, so I'm hoping it will be in there by then.|||I'm waiting on mine as well and its not there.. guess we just have to be patient and wait. It sucks but a quick nap and its morning.. Feels like Christmas when I was a kid lol.|||expected today 2/12 just checked BOA but not here yet.|||I bank with BOA in Oklahoma and received mine at 1:30 am|||hasnt hit mine yet...ive got fidelity|||Nope! haven't received mine yet either which it's now 4am.|||I'm in Oregon, expected dd 2/12... not here yet|||There is no set time. Do you have a deadline to pay back your bookie or something?

Is the IRS Direct Deposit reliable and on time at this moment?

Thank you. :)|||The IRS generally releases the ACH transactions for tax refunds on Thursday evenings. How long it takes to make it to your bank account depends upon your bank, not the IRS.

Some banks post ACH transactions in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those would generally be in your account at the beginning of the banking day on Friday.

Many banks still post ACH transactions with the end-of-day batch processing of all of the day's banking business. In that case your refund would be processed Friday evening and would generally be available to you at the beginning of the next banking day, normally on the following Monday unless it's a Federal holiday.

A few very small community banks and credit unions are still not on the Fedline system and/or process ACH transactions manually. In those cases it can take an additional 2 - 5 days for the money to find its way to your account.

I work for a bank holding company that owns about 20 banks. We also provide back-end banking services for about 20 small non-affiliated banks. The normal nightly Fedline run takes about 3 or 4 hours. Thursday's took nearly all night and the Friday evening crew worked until nearly 5:00 AM Saturday getting everything pushed through. They usually get off between midnight and 1:00 AM. If we hadn't put on a couple of extra folks they'd probably still be there making sure that everything posted properly.

As a side note, about 15% of the IRS transactions rejected, indicating that someone had fat-fingered their account number on the tax return or that the name on the account didn't match the name on the ACH transaction. When that happens the money goes back to the IRS. They will then issue a paper check in a week or two. Make SURE that you get the routing number and account number correct when you file! And make SURE that your name in on the bank account that your refund is going to!|||TFTP

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|||Don't know about "at this moment," but I've use it for two years and haven't had a problem.|||It is very reliable; in fact they prefer filers to use e-file and direct deposit, because computers are doing most of the work, not humans.|||should be|||by far the best way...its almost immediate and there is no piece of paper floating around in the mail system. check fraud on treasury checks is a huge blackmarket item. get it down electronically and eliminate that risk.|||I efiled my federal income tax with direct deposit last year, and got the refund back so fast my head spun! It only took 8 days to get it. I'm certainly going to file it that way again this year.|||Every year I have done it this way it has been in my account on the Friday it stated, this year I did not recieve it on 1/25/08 as stated on the "where's my refund" site, so fingers crossed for Monday, I will let you know when I do get it, if you would like...then you can guesstimate yours??|||not reliable this year|||Yes. 8 - 14 days from the date your return was accepted (not filed) by the IRS, If you used software like turbo tax you can check the acceptance date. If you used a service like HR block they gave you a number to call to check when the return was accepted. You will have it within 14 days of that date.

At what time should the GST direct deposit check be in my bank account?

Anyone else getting it today? Is it usually automatic at midnight?|||I have received mine already. Sometimes there is a lag of a few hours due to your actual bank.

Deposit code for Absolute Poker visa deposits that are NOT first-time deposits? Let me know, please!?

NOT first time deposit codes.|||send an email to they will send you a code

Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund direct deposit on fricking time?

i'm mad because mine has been delayed and i read over and over where others are going through the same thing.|||I too am frustrated and angry with the IRS. I was originally givin a date of 1/30/09, then 2/3/09, now the IRS "where's my Refund" says 2/10/09. SO I called the IRS to get an answer and was told my refund was in the error resolution department, but has been corrected, but she couldn't even tell me what the error was. She said it could have been an error on their part but she doesn't know. And then she proceeded to tell me my refund is not showing a deposit date yet, and it could take up to 4 weeks from 1/30/09 to get it. My taxes were accepted on 1/20/09, but they didn't catch this so called mistake til 1/30/09, this is BS! The women from the IRS also told me the "where's my refund" site hasn't been working right, and it is giving inacurate deposit dates. So basically they just give us any BS date and have us sit around and wait, and hope we don't call and complain when the refund doesn't come. And by the way I can't just chill out, I told my landlord I would give him the rent money on the 10th cause thats when the IRS told me I would have my refund, and now I won't have it, so unless you are going to give me $800 for my rent by 2/10/09, don't say just chill out! My husband was laid off in November, we are barely making it, that refund was supposed to pay our Feb. rent and bills, but now I may not have it til March. It does help to rant on here and it also helps to hear that others are having the same problem.

Thanks Luvthis, good luck to you too! I will repost when and if I ever get my refund, or if I get any real responses from the IRS.|||The mistake all of you made is you filed before February 1st. When you filed the final tax code was not completed and was not scheduled to be completed until after Feb 1st. The IRS has to wait on your Congress to complete all of the tax laws before they begin. And this year it was pushed back.

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|||Bill you are wrong because there are many people who did get their tax refund who filed before febuary 1st.

I had mine pushed off a week because I got married last year and they had to verify the name change.

Then come to find out I actually put in the wrong account # for the dd.

so who knows

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|||Mine was supposed to be here by 2/3 as well and nothing. As for "Dances, SRC50 and Angela" who say "chill out, it will get here when it get's here, etc" we ask these questions to see if we are the only ones this is happening to. Many people in these a hard times need that money just to get heating fuel, pay bills, food, etc, as for blood pressure, sometimes it helps just to be able to vent to someone else in the same boat. Do u all just answer questions randomly to rack up the points, seems that way.|||I was supposed to get mine by today ! :( I am very upset also!!! I have been reading posts on all the delays I called Friday spoke to a woman she said mine was fine and all set for DD Friday night. So I have been anxiously waiting because my DD date has never changed its said 2/3 for two weeks. I called a little while ago and a woman told me they had to " perfect it so to speak" and it has been stuck in the rror resolution dept since the 20th of Jan then she said she has never seen one stag|||i for one am very mad also, kids to feed, bills to pay, and no it won't make it come any faster but alot of us relay on that money. and i'm sure alot of you know what i'm talking about. my taxes were received on 1/21 and here it is2/3 and no refund|||to angela, who said chill out, do you have a family to feed? Lost your job, some of us are loooking forward to having some money. I think you should chill.|||I have not got mine yet and I was supposed to have it today; I am annoyed as well.|||NOT a soul...... My phone at the office is nuts with calls, Dont know what the deal is.|||I'm supposed to get mine deposited tomorrow. So we'll see.|||My mom's keeps getting delayed!Its really pissing her off.|||IRS told me Feb. 3 and sure enough i got my refund direct deposited today.|||It's only Feb 3. Chill out.|||What's "fricking" time?

You'll get it when you get it. "Chill out" is the ONLY valid advice here. There's not a thing that you can do to speed up the process so stressing over it isn't going to do anything but raise your blood pressure.

If you don't like waiting on the IRS then cut your withholdings so that you break even or have a small debt to pay next year. That way you are in the driver's seat, have your money ALL year, and don't need to go through the annual anguish of waiting on the return of your interest-free loan to the government back to your pocket.|||You're mad? Guess what? Ranting here isn't going to speed up your refund.